Mullican Hand Sculpted Flooring

Why Is It Called Distressed – Mullican Hand Sculpted  Flooring?


Is hand scraped flooring the same as distressed flooring?

The easiest way to describe distressed hardwood is that it looks worn, beaten up and old. It may have been made yesterday, but looks a hundred years old or Mullican Hand Sculpted Flooringmore. With modern manufacturing methods there is no need to scour the countryside for old or antique wood, go through the expense of having it refinished and cut to size for your hardwood floors, then running out of planks halfway through the project. Distressed hardwood has character. New hardwood can also have character but there’s a certain thing about aged looking wood (even if it only looks that way) because all of the distressing “injuries” to the wood cannot be duplicated, so every piece of wood you get will be unique. Some of the manufactured distressed wood may look similar, but even if it’s made with the same kind of distressing die, it will still come out somewhat different looking. Wood in itself, having come from a living thing, may react differently to its environment, whether in a factory or cut straight off to be used by a craftsperson.


Is It Always Old?

It can be days, or hundreds of years old. The best looking distressed hardwood is the genuine article, although the created kind can get pretty darn close. Whether distressed by hand or made from a machine, or genuine, it can be easy to get that great antique look. Mullican Hand Sculpted Flooring is often used to renovate a period or older home and even though you may have to do an entire floor, even if only part of it is damaged, using the same kind of distressed wood will enable you to get that original look back. One advantage of using created distressed hardwood for your floors, is that you can always buy more, and enough quantities in the first place to complete your project. With real distressed hardwood is a matter of what’s there. It could run out and then be very hard to match up.


Can You Make it Yourself?

You can, and there’s always plenty of old boards around to practice your technique on. If you have to do a large amount of distressing, it can wear you out. Perhaps enlisting the family or your friends will help, and then they too, can vent a little of any frustrations they may have, by whacking pieces of hardwood flooring with chains, and battering the planks with hammers. Always use safety glasses when performing this kind of action, because even distracted for a minute. a person with a hammer can have an accident. And unless you happen to be a medieval knight, then swinging a piece of chain around is not your normal “thing”. After sanding off some rough bits and staining, then sealing, your newly distressed hardwood will be the talk of your street.